Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's not hate our male selves!

Last post was about accepting our feminine feelings, and never feeling guilty about it. But considering the full picture of life the other side is also important. That would mean, to accept our male selves which is the actual physical reality!

Many of my crossdresser/crossdreamer friends fall for depression not because of their attachment to feminine feelings, but because they are disconnected from their male selves. It is a physical reality that we own a male body. Sisters, let us accept it. I know there are many of you out there who proudly proclaim that you hate your male body. But well, I disagree! (Oh, my sisters...Don't be angry with me if you disagree. I'm still the same little kitten...Your silly girl :) )

I do feel that, to embrace our feminine self, we do not need to hate our male selves. Let us accept that we have a male body. This is the body that is given to you. You will live with this body (Well, unless you are planning for SRS). It needs your love. It is tender. It is a gift. Let us love our bodies. Let us love our male organs. Even if you feel as an inferior male while you do that, it is okay. It is okay to be a man who is not manly. It is okay to be a man with a soft side. Accept your male identity. And let that acceptance come from your tender feminine nature of love and surrender. (Yes, what is more feminine that loving someone in total acceptance. Why don't you give that to yourself first?!)

Love yourself as a woman. And love yourself as a man! That will bring a little more peace to your life. Take it as the word from a sister !

With lots of love,