Sunday, February 17, 2013

Acknowledge your truth - Unchain the Princess within!

Yes, your inner woman deserves freedom! You have been judging her, hurting her, imprisoning her in the dungeon of guilt, making her yearn for self expression, forcing her to suffocate and plead for fresh air and warm sunlight. Let's end her suffering today.

Crossdreamer sisters, All what I want to say is this - Don't ever be guilty. Don't resist who you are. Have compassion to yourself. Your feminine psyche needs your loving attention.

I am not advocating crossdreaming addiction. It could affect your life badly. All I say is to accept that you are a crossdreamer, without resentment or guilt.This is the first step, if you want to move on in life just like other men.

Let us unchain her today, my friends...

Put a smile on your face and repeat after me! Remove whichever statements that are not applicable to you. If you want to add more, feel free to do so:
"I accept that I am a crossdreamer. I love to imagine myself as a woman. I love being a magnificient beauty admired and respected by everyone. I love to feel loved by other women as a sister. I love to be the beloved lady of a brave,strong,masculine man. I love to experience all aspects of femininity. I love to feel the softness and suppleness of a woman within me.

I accept the fact that I have all these fantasies, and I still love myself. I am always there for myself, however I feel (whether happy, sad, excited or depressed). I totally embrace my identity as a crossdreamer. I love myself! 

Eventhough I have all the above fantasies, I love myself. I love my life. I love my life so much that I am determined to live a happy, meaningful and successful life like any other man. I have my priorities in the real world. I have my goals and I have my loved ones who need me. Since I love my life so passionately, it is very important for me to make sure that my crossdreaming does not come in the way of my life's goals and dreams. While I love and accept my feminine fantasies compassionately, I will never let this as a reason to feel sad or depressed. I am grateful for this life I have, and I will take care of it. For accepting and enjoying my crossdreaming side, I don't need to sabotage my real life. Yes, I am a Princess. I may blush on that thought, but I will move on!"

Happiness to all!